passion for people

As the need in Papua New Guinea has grown, so has City Mission to meet this need. Throughout the years, City Mission has recognized many more areas of need, and addressed them by expanding and adapting. Responsible adaptation and expansion is one of our keys to our success. Throughout the years, City Mission has been able to responsibly balance the growth of our current and existing centers, as well as expand new facilities and operation to meet the needs of PNG!

In addition to meeting the needs of new target groups City Mission is always striving to improve our existing programs. City Missions adaptation and expansion has been two fold, growth and improved efficiencies within our current and existing centers as well as expansion in meeting the needs of others recognized as underprivileged, mistreated and overlooked within Papua New Guinea. Our future strategy will continue along this same formula of success: Adaptation and expansion to best meet the needs of those Papua New Guinean’s desiring to obtain the skills necessary to become productive, self-sufficient citizens.