City Mission PNG is always in need of short term and long term volunteers. With our large and diverse client base, there are many different opportunities to volunteer your time to City Mission.

The majority of our clients are going through very difficult points in their lives and you can help encourage and strengthen them during this difficult time by volunteering you time. There are many different ways to volunteer your time, from coming to the NLSTC Farm or Suambu Plantation on a weekend to play sports with the young men, to sitting down and reading stories to the children at Haus Ruth and Haus Clare. City Mission is continually undergoing projects that require basic labor, such as painting, that provide a good opportunity to volunteer your time and bond with our clients.


One of our biggest needs is mentors for our clients as they begin to finish our programs. This is key to our long lasting success in rehabilitation. Mentor opportunities are as follows: Haus Ruth: Mentor women as the receive jobs and exit our women’s skill training program. NLSTC Farm, Suambu Plantation and Buablong Haus: Mentor young men who are graduating from the New Life Program and being re-entered into society.

Specialized Skill

City Mission is a large organization and can use your help in just about every skill set. We could use your specialized skill for a day, weekend reoccurring time period. Some of are biggest needs would be mechanics (to help service/fix our vehicles), doctors (both on call and for reoccurring check-ups) and heavy machine operators and mechanics for when the machines themselves need repair.

Training/Teaching Classes

We are in constant need for trainers of all skill sets, whether it be a onetime training or a multi-session training. Many of our clients are eager to learn and would love the opportunity to learn from you. Some of the training we would be looking for, but is not limited to; Haus Ruth: Reading, writing, sewing, cooking, child care, medical aid, physical health, sports, business and art. NLSTC Farm, Suambu Plantation and Buablong Haus: Welding, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, mechanic, animal husbandry, agriculture, cooking, physical health, sports, medical aid, reading, writing, business and art. Haus Clare: Reading, writing, physical health and art.